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Sherman United Methodist Women

The women’s ministry at Sherman encourages women to love God by serving in the community, participating in Bible studies, being involved in the life of the church, and helping  women, children and youth  in their spiritual growth and equipping them to assume leadership roles. We support our college students, our missionary in Liberia, Helen Roberts-Evans, and locally Sarah’s Circle and  Good News Partners. We also host an annual Women's Weekend to foster and nurture strong women leaders. United Methodist Women Issues: Economic inequality; Climate justice; Criminalization of communities of color and Maternal and Child Health. We support the UMW Reading Program.

UMW Local, District and National Activities 

The 2020-2021 Program Book, Knitted Together for God’s Good Work explores how we as children of God are joined and linked together into the whole body of Christ. Even at times when social distancing or other obstacles may keep us physically apart, we are knit together in community to transform the world.


Women’s Weekend

Each year the women of Sherman United Methodist Church celebrate its heritage of fostering and nurturing strong female leaders who go out into the world and effect change. The Church is named after an African American woman, Mrs. Lula B. Sherman, who was one of its co-founders.

Helen Roberts Evans, Missionary to Liberia

Helen serves as the Director of the Department of General Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church in Liberia. Helen attended high school at Evanston Township High School. She then studied in Bogotá, Colombia, and received a degree in special education from Boston University. Helen worked from 1998 through 2007 as executive director of the Child Care Center of Evanston. Here at Sherman United Methodist Church, Helen has served as a Sunday school teacher and has been an active member of United Methodist Women.

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